When you are looking at Bucks Party Packages in Sydney, there are lots to choose.  Also, they can vary in quality quantity and value. Shopping around is also a good way to find out what's the best solution for your event.

Also there are many different components to Bucks Party Packages which will ultimately affect your price.

1. Hours on a Boat
2. Type of Boat
3. Amount of people attending
4. Drinks and Foods Packages
5. Female Entertainment on the Cruise
6. Time of Event
7. Budget per Person

This is why the way to go is a fully customizable package to suit your group's needs.

We will help you every bit of the way to achieve this and design you the perfect Sydney Cruise.

What Information Do We Need To Create Your Bucks Party Packages

1. The Date of The Cruise
2. The Time of The Cruise
3. The Approximate Budget Per Person
4. The Number of People Attending
5. Any Special Requirements

So once you have gathered all this data then, you will be able to fill in the Quote Form so we can get to work.

Examples of what a Packages would be

3 Star Cruise

Two / Three / Four - Hours on The Boat
Topless Waitress
Standard Beers

4 Star Cruise

Two / Three / Four Hours - on The Boat
Topless Waitress
Premium Beers

5 Star Cruise

Two / Three / Four - Hours on The Boat
2  Topless Waitress & R-Rated Show
Sausage Sizzle
Premium Beers and Spirits

We have never sold the same package twice as all our clients have different needs. Rather than having a fixed package and you work around us.

Also we let you choose, and we work around you. This is one of the main reasons why we have lots of repeat business from our clients.

As we always end up delivering the ideal package for them.


A bit of thought and research will ensure you are going to create the Ultimate Bucks Party Cruise with a Topless Waitress and a Show.