Bucks Party Ideas

bucks party ideas

What are the Greatest Bucks Party Ideas for your Sydney Party Cruise in the harbor. These are the elements that make up your event. Lets start off by breaking them down into categories.


This is the starting point and is location of your Cruise. All the other Bucks Party Ideas will be determined by what boat you choose. We have the largest selection of vessels in Sydney. We can offer you everything from a multi million dollar luxury cruiser to a big capacity party style boat and everything in between. The choice comes down to the amount of people the boat can legally allow. Plus how much the group wants to spend. We have boats that do BYO options which can be helpful for groups on a budget or small numbers.


The food is an important part of a Bucks Party but sometimes gets over looked. Food has to be part of the cruise nowadays as Maritime doesn’t want groups drinking without eating. We can supply the basic nibbles which is exactly what it sounds like. The most popular is the good old Ozzie Sausage Sizzle. Also if your budget stretches to it a Full – On BBQ is one of the fulling Bucks Party Ideas. Cooked for you fresh on the boat when you arrive with a few cold beers is the best start to you cruise.


We now are getting to the good stuff. There are usual 3 package options for a group to choose from. The first one being standard beers with all the famous Australian Brands you know and love. If you want some European flavors then the Premium option is the way to go. Coronas and Peroni are just a few examples of what on the menu. Some of the boats will allow you the Spirits option as well. Shots are not as a rule available. Also some of the more professional boat options will let you choose certain beers and spirits so you can get the ones your party cruise requires. Definitely one of the most important Bucks Party Ideas to get right.


No Sydney Party Cruise is complete without having the Most Professional and Glamorous Waitresses in Australia. We are very proud to have an Exclusive arrangement with Cassie’s Australia’s Premier Female Entertainment Agency. Cassie has been involved in the Entertainment industry for over 10 years and has very high standards for all girls. She will deal with everything from start to finish.


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