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Bucks Party Cruise Sydney

We are Sydney's Best Company at Organizing your Cruise. Also we have everything all under one roof so you don't need to shop around.

Because of this we can take care of everything so you don't have the hassle.

We have being doing events and entertainment entertainment for over 20 years so we understand our clients needs for customer service.

Also we know how to get great value for your budget.


Design Your Own Custom Packages Here To Suit Your Cruise and Budget.


Loads Of Amazing Ideas To Make Your Day Stuff Of Legends. Everything Under One Roof.


Choose From Over 30 Luxury Boats. All Perfectly Designed For A Party Cruise In Sydney Harbour.


We Have An Exclusive Partnership With Cassie's Australia's Premium Female Entertainment Agency.

Bucks Party Cruise Sydney

A Bucks Party Cruise in Sydney is nowadays a very popular choice. With the amazing backdrop of the Harbour in all its glory, there is no wonder why. When it comes to celebrating this momentous occasion for the groom to be there is no better way to do it.

There are still loads of Australian who haven't experienced this who have lived here all their lives.  A Sydney Cruise should be on everyone's buck list.  The main obstacles that prevent people from organizing a Bucks Party Cruise are cost and time.  We know this owe to well from our years in the industry.

Also, there has been some bad press in the past with unprofessional Cruise operators not providing what they have promised. We have the first-hand experience of clients calling us saying " A Company was Canceling their cruise  " and can we help them.

It's not all doom and gloom there are still excellent boats and cruisers that can offer you everything you want. A Bucks Party Cruise is fun all the way, and some of the vessels you can choose are the best in the harbor.
We have no issue with showing you the boats in person as the is an excellent way to meet you and discuss your event. Building trust between our clients and us is a crucial part of the whole experience.

Bucks Party Cruise Checklist

1. Don't be worried about asking all the questions you have.
2. Ask to see the boats so you can understand what you are hiring.
3. Look at reviews etc. of previous clients.
4. Ask if you can visit a certain location in Sydney Harbor.
5. Also, think about wharf's for pick up and drop off.

We know that we can deliver on our promises, and you will want to do a Sydney Cruise again and again.

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